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is there a key to unlock the garden fence?

just asking

Hi! Yes there is a key, you have to get it from  the mom after gardening. If you cant figure it out, I posted a full playthrough on the game page and the devlog that you can watch and see how to get it :D I hope this helps!

thank's 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

no prob 🤠👍👍

how i install  the game?

oh the download file is a rom to be played on a Gameboy Color or a platform that supports GBC games otherwise the only way to play it is in the browser 🤠 hope this helps!

Wow this is amazing keep up the good work and thank you for the game! 

thank you so much!! I’m so happy you played it! I also just released a demo for the main game I am working on called Fetch Quest! Please check it out also 🤠

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Help I'm stuck. The boy is listining to the raidio and the roomba is destractid (Soory for my poor spelling. I have disgraphia)

have you done any gardening? :D

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after the plants are watered, you need to wait awhile (it's a  hint to nap) then come back and see if anything has grown. If nothing has grown after one nap, you may have found a bug in the games code and I will have to look into it.

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Oh wait i got it. great game!

I'm so glad!!! thanks for playing! we made the game in 72 hours, so it's not without it's flaws but I'm glad you liked it! If you have time I just posted the demo for our full length game "Fetch Quest" It's a lot more developed than this game was :D

I got a bit stuck but really enjoyed where the game was going! The music was AWESOME as well!!

thanks for playing! a lot of people get stuck in the spot where they need to garden.

the hitboxes are bad and sometimes the game detects me passing somewhere when i'm not


Thanks for your feedback! The game was made literally in 72 hours for a game jam that required you to use 8x8 sprites. I made the game for the gameboy which has 16 x 16. That is one of the the reasons the hitboxes may feel bad is I had to fit an 8x8 sprite and center it into a 16 x 16 sprite. Hopefully this will give you some insight into developing games and you can try it yourself one day! If you make a game let me know, I'd love to try your game.

thank you to for the good reception and for clarify the sprite and time limitations. i already made a game, u can play my first (and only) game here: there is no instructions, sorry for that, i think the rules are pretty deductible.

oh awesome!!! I’ll check it out 🤠 I’m always down to try a new game!


I'm at level 10 so far! I like the puzzle designs!! It reminds me of amazing tater for the gameboy, have you ever played it?

not yet, but after some search i found it pretty interesting, and really looks like my game, i will try it after the gtmk jam, you know :v

i love this game!!!!!!!!! it's so fricking cute

wow thank you so much!!! 🤠🤠🤠


In rungame I found a certain easter egg ... when we approach the vaccum after destroying the vaccum, the inscription `` its save to pass '' will appear and then we can go outside the map. Please fix it.

thank you! we did know about this originally cause we made the game from start to finish in only 72 hours as a challenge for ourselves. But we just released an update today that should fix that problem and adds a spanish translation!

np :>